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We've moved to Hong Kong and we'd like to share our experiences with you.

Simpson Sin Tailor

I knew about various Hong Kong tailors way before I knew anything else about the city. Although not as inexpensive as in the past, Hong Kong boasts some of the most reasonably priced world class tailors. Given my extreme penchant for clothing, a custom tailored suit has been on the top of my list for some time. After lots of research, I decided to give Simpson Sin a try. You may recognize them from the Hong Kong episode of The Layover when Bourdain had a suit made there.

Day 1 - measurements, fabric, style

I was greeted by Mr. Stephen Yu, a no-nonsense gentleman that has been in the tailoring business for decades. He quickly helped me determine the fabric and color I had in mind (blue sharkskin wool) and then took a slew of measurements. Rebecca and I were impressed by the lack of up-selling and the relaxed feel of the process—I immediately felt like a veteran customer and quickly realized I would become one.

Day 2 - Fitting I

The first fitting went well. They brought out the shell of the suit for me to try on—at this stage there were no buttons and no linings. I asked for a handful of changes during the fitting, and even called in a few more after I had some time to think about the suit. Mr Yu was extremely accommodating and patient.

Day 3 - Fitting II

At this point the suit was virtually complete, but there were a handful of things that needed changing. I requested that they remove some of the padding in the shoulders, remove the pleats on the trousers, thin the legs on the trousers, lower the crotch and lower the buttons on the jacket. Mr. Yu said this would be no problem at all and to come back in two days.

Day 4 - Fitting III

The suit looked beautiful. The only change I requested was that they remove the belt loops on the trousers and replace with button latch side tabs.

Day 5 - Pick up

I couldn’t be more happy with the fit and look of this suit. The guys at Simpson Sin were patient and professional. They allowed me to make as many changes as I wanted and dictate the style how I wanted, providing gentle guidance on shape and measurement along the way. Not once did they try to up-sell me into additional products, and for that reason and many others I’ll definitely be going back.

Suit Specs

  • 120s wool
  • sharkskin blue
  • two button
  • working buttons on jacket sleeves
  • notch lapel
  • double vent on jacket
  • side tabs and no belt loops on trousers
  • ticket pocket
  • gray silk lining
  • flat front trousers
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